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Improve the environment in the aquatic sphere and along the shores by recovering the plastic

Ocean Plastic Forum is a partner and member organization working towards developing technologies and business models for collecting plastic from the ocean, rivers, sea shores, harbours and waters globally.

The aim is to improve the environment in the aquatic sphere and along the shores by recovering the plastic. The aim is also to cycle the recovered plastic as high as possible in the value chain with the largest possible plastic quantities recycled into new products, alternatively technologies that convert the plastic so it can be recycled in the form of monomer recovery / new polymers.


The environmental problems associated with plastic pollution of all oceans and local waters and the negative influence this pollution has on marine life in the oceans, fishery resources, livelihood of coastal areas, basic nature values, tourism and the long-term threat against human health has led to a global call for preventive actions.

Interest in large scale mitigating activities has increased and several Danish companies have developed equipment, technologies and services targeting mitigation of plastic pollution in oceans. However, most of these companies specialize in one or few components of the string of services necessary for a full mitigating effort including planning, conceptualizing, collection, transport, sorting, upcycling and distribution of end products, which will be necessary for a successful development of this new industry cluster. A one-stop-shop for abatement services may be instrumental in making the abatement industry meet the customer, it be national or local government organization or other industries using “ocean plastic” for their products or ocean pollution abatement activities.


The Ocean Plastic Forum (OPF) objective is to support the industry in meeting market requirements, attract customers in corporation and also create a supporting secretariat on knowledge, research, development and information on plastic in the oceans from a circular economy perspective.

Vi søger en studentermedhjælper!

Er du optaget af miljø- og klimaudfordringen? Kan du lide at engagere dig og få dine budskaber ud over rampen? Har du lyst til at hjælpe mange forskelligartede aktører – ofte med meget forskellige interesser – med at finde fælles løsninger?


Ocean Plastic International Matchmaking 2021 online

DECEMBER 2nd 2021 – OPIM.

The purpose of the Business2Business event is to offer the frames for short personal meetings between your company and potential business or development partners.

The Ocean Plastic Forum members are:

  • Maersk Supply Service – supply ships and global services & solutions.
  • Makeen Energy – production and knowledge of pyrolysis containers.
  • MangaStreet – commodities from marine plastic.
  • MarinePlastic / Aalborg University – plastic impact ocean ecosystem.
  • OurPlasticFreeOcean: ocean plastic collector  Mediterrenean.
  • Pack Tech: Plastic products and packaging solutions.
  • PFA – pension company, responsible investor.
  • PlanMiljoe: environmental consultant
  • Plast Center Danmark – the plastics knowledge center.
  • Plastindustrien – confederation of Danish Industries.
  • Plastix – producer of high-quality raw ocean plastic material.
  • Port Environment – harbour consultant.
  • Pure Oceans – beach plastic collectors producing e.g. iPhone covers.
  • RagnSells – renewable plastic waste – washing, sorting and re-use.
  • Reaktor & DeNova – sorting of waste og pyrolysis.
  • Re-bag – plastic bags and other plastic products.
  • ReSea –  removes plastic waste from the ocean – fast and literally.
  • RICE – interior og accessories in plastic.
  • RightOn – sustainable promotional items
  • RUC – Roskilde University – research plastic and environment.
  • Salling Group – supermarket chain with focus on sustainable materials.
  • SDU – the University of Southern Denmark
  • SeaMachines – autonomous control systems for watercraft.
  • Strandet – hands-on plastic hotspots – Danish West Coastline.
  • Udenrigsministeriet – the ministry of foreign affairs.
  • Von Plast – production of plastic grains and products.
  • WaveSolution – Seahorse:  Wave construction for plastic collection.
  • WWF – the global environmental NGO.


Members of this formal network – Ocean Plastic Forum – case-by-case decide to be involved in projects as a main contractor or a sub-contractor. For membership please press Contact and membership.

Ocean Plastic Forum partners:

Several associations are not directly involved in operationel activities of Ocean Plastic Forum but want to make a probono contribution. Please contact info@oceanplasticforum.dk.  Present partners are listed below:

Header photo: KIMO